here's a collection of what I'd call cool late-style customizing ideas

I love the use of chrome and pinstripe to set off the two-tone paint scheme

simply a very cool and clean design concept

maybe not the most pleasing front end but a radical idea

rear end on this Joe Bailon job is a lot milder than the wicked front

flawless lines with a plain paint job add up to a classy mild custom

cool use of Olds side trim to pimp up this shoebox Ford

subtle paint accents to set this Crown Vicky apart

creative use of chrome trim and color accents to speed up Ford body lines

'55 Ford trim suits Merc nicely, I think

radical headlight buckets give this Chevy a mean, outta-space look

extremely radical chop and section job on this, what Olds convertible?

stylish use of canted quad lites put a trendy look on this Ford

lovely sweeping side trim

custom-fashion turn-of-the-decade look with deeply recessed headlites

restrained use of paint to highlite a cleaned up Ford

canted quad lites look just a little too heavy on this 'bird

I love the look of paint and color-matched primer spots (girl don't harm none either!)

phantastically reworked Phord

super smooth modern look on this Merc

can't go wrong with a T-bird bumper and long Pontiac side trim

that's the life!


clearly cool