...........Butchers Beach Party - July 2008 - in the f**king pouring rain


meeting up in the drizzling rain

heading to Alf's place for a coffee and some general inspection

trying to trace down some tiny rattle (rollover)

cruising through the rain to pick up Alf's Merc

sensation in the neighbourhood - Merc firing up after some persuasion

and getting stuck on the driveway

lying in wait for the others to gas up

and again - the Merc's in need of some external energy



convoy cruising to Kissing

four rides

and their Butchers


Butchers drink Schanzenbräu...........fill it in and leak it out

the third president

and the newest president

some photographers went to great lengths to get this shot (rollover)

good bye to the beach - welcome at the Bäckerwirt


and in the morning it was back to pouring wet

and 'shiny' customs

but after some substantial breakfast

it was time to head back home wiperless through the drizzle

eight hours on the road

and enjoying every second of it

you are, aren't you?

and the F-56's babtism of fire ended in a puddle of water


too cool!