the wish for a pick up truck had been around for a while

especially since cool wagons have experienced quite a steep increase in prices

and Cowboy Caddies can be cool tooo

so I came across this sweet '63 unibody F-100 on Hemmings in late July 2015:

292 Y-block V 8, 4-speed floor shift in Sandshell Beige, assembled in San Jose

and spotting a pair of Ford trucks in my local neighbourhood

spurred my decision to change horses and make an offer for the truck on August 27

after some wheelin' dealin' we agreed on the price and started the paperwork

September 22 - the truck is picked up by CFR Rinkens to be transported to LA port

ooooofollow along the trip on this interactive map


December 10 - the truck finally arrived and was unloaded a block away

it runs, it stops, I just couldn't find the reverse gear... yet!


reverse has been found but there's no way of legally driving it anyplace


so I had to tow'er to my barn (at 40 mph, else that trailer would have jackknifed)


cleaned up barn makes room for California guest


a dream fulfilled