another bleak and dreary winter is dragging along and I desperately need to fabricate something,

so here's the idea for another plastic project

the Pontiac M-76 Otter, an aluminium bodied people carrier



again based on the Dickie snow cat because I like the wide tracks

so first thing on the list is gutting the belly pan

(original electronics will eventually be replaced by new setup)

and measuring up a jet drive to get some decent water propulsion

(the Weasel only used its tracks but the slightest breeze simply blew it away)

3-dimensional nose is shaped out of polystyrene, as always

then more gutting to make room for metal tank drive since the original motors are tiny

and tend to slip any time the terrain gets slightly strenuous

glueing the floor and the sides using wood and plastic sheets with discarded fireworks sticks

the Heng Long RC tank drive metal gears are going to give some serious power

but this installation needs a lot of extra plastic sheeting to make it waterproof

3 speed controllers and a servo for the rudder demand a 4-channel setup - borrowed mine from a friendly RC pilot

patching up the gaping holes

in my fancy shop - the guests' toilet

sleeves for the drive axles will be filled with grease to seal against water

like so

positioning the rudder servo (arm will be turned by 90°)


here's a driver carved from styrofoam, wearing 8X4 deodorant cap helmet

expensive brass u-channel makes for some nice detailing like rain gutters

next the body is sealed with acrylic sealant, which can be painted over

then the vehicle is sprayed in bronze green with some beige dirt effects (great pleasure)

and we're ready for the launch into the water basin


...wasn't successful because water seeps into the hull

and I don't quite know from where it comes!


after some more sealing and injecting grease into the rubber sleeves

it's time for the white army star (christmas decorations help)

some more dirt and the driver inside

bolting down the lid and it's done - watch a thrilling movie here.... later!


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!