modifying the rearend with a '89 Caprice axle


rippin' outr the original torque tube rearend


checking general fit of the Caprice axle and the ladder bars I ordered at Pop Brown's in the UK


fabbin' up a 'rig' to ensure everything is square


angle finder helps in welding on the spring hangers


making a chassis crossmember to hang the ladder bars


chassis crossmember bolted onto original frame x-member


top arrow points at panhard bar bracket

lower arrow shows how longer shackles will drop the rearend (note reversed eyes on original transverse spring)


and those shackles definitely do have to be longer


or we'll cut that crossmember and straighten it - let's do it


put the rear on stands and swing that angle grinder BUTCHERS-style


emptying the crossmember of Oklahoma dirt


mark the cut lines using an angle iron - the idea is to bend the two sides down


if you measured correctly and cut precisely, the two side pieces bend down level and square


welded and ground flush the change should be undetectable


tacked back in - note latches on top of the crossmember stumps to support center piece


about four inches lower than before - don't know if that's enough though


but a good reason to celebrate


lots more cool details as we go