this year another Butcher made it to Vegas

for him it was clearly Viva

but what he found was hell in disguise of the Hell Air

using cobwebbed frame bridges

to get it way down ta blazin' hell

but there were even lower folk

how they got in beats me

practical if you're a dwarf, right dude

never seen the frame exit on TOP of the firewall - is this thing soldered?

flamed glasstop draggin' tail

plexi scattered sunshine

bare metal dead sled looks alive and kickin'

yeah dude, skip the burger and get a salad

creative engineering

now if the twin turbo doesn't rock it

go ahead and launch the rocket!

one BIG rat

I do prefer those though, smooth as silk, beauty

chopped and dropped

lace paint is on its way back

whatever the heart is craving for

I'll have a burnt orange sundae ice cream


this ain't cool, this is hot!