Salzburg, September 28 & 29, 2019


picking up my Ford from the barn Friday afternoon


the Butchers' stall all ready for the show on Saturday and Sunday


so much time to discuss every detail


let's hit that road!


what's a rusty heap like this doing at a shiny show?


open the fridge and get a beer (great big thanks to whoever kept refilling that fridge)


after some more beer


Rik Hoving approved front end - cans had to go though




clubs giving away prizes to other clubs


body-painting with matching flames

if you crave attention, just go ahead and paint yourself


that's enough beer for you, son


show winners in the warm Sunday afternoon sunshine


and the ride home after a cool weekend of hanging out with friends


want to see more?

check out the 6-minute documentary on the whole event

what a fantastic weekend