upcycling - the idea: a portable boombox made from a rusty old paraffin can

first one side was chiseled off to access inside


next some wood was measured and sawed to carry insides and speakers


trial fit is looking good


in order to have the panel look right, I scanned the tin side, printed it, and


glued it on the wood - still needs a coat of clear but definitely looks the part


goldblaster speakers lookin' awesome - can't wait to hear them thumpin' away


here's the wiring/construction plan (done during grade 11 Geography test)


more later when the China-parts will have arrived


and here they are: testing the wiring if everything works


making the holes for the amplifier buttons using my cheapo version of a Dremel


gluing in some insulation and testing for space - it only barely fits


took me ages to get the power supply angled away enough to squeeze it all in


but here we are - MP3 player connects to amp


there are bass, treble, and volume controls to adjust the sound, which really

is surprisingly good - not really blasting loud but nice enough to listen

to my favourite tracks wherever I go....


unscrew the lid and recharge - or use USB adapter to charge music player


that's my "Musikkanister"