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Jan 21 Phil's '47 Phat Phord project January 20 new projects September 19 Biker-S-World in Salzburg September 19 Take it Easy Hangout April 19 a visit to Flatlands' Motorama December 18 Flocki's building a truck July 18 a boat trip along the Isar May 17 Baumi-Flocki houseparty roundtrip April 17 Bavaria season start April 17 Alf's Merc gets painted October 16 Alf's Merc gets chopped August 16 Phil's phantom bug gets flamed July 16 a chuckbox for my truck July 16 sunny Saturday car show in my neighbourhood June 16 Alf's new toy - a 40 Merc June 16 gruesome find in the garden February 16 building a gas can boom box - Musikkanister November 15 end of an era: Vicky's gone April 15 fresh paint job on the phantom roadster pick up winter 15 vintage custom ideas for my Ford June 13 monster rat phink graphixx March 12 easy navigation to all the tech articles


Butchers on Youtube



and a special feature

li'l green racer: oops it's a MINI



...hey, and if you like what you see, find the lady in the red dress and let her know!



or follow the flamed Butchers' garbage truck to the digital dumpsite or a look inside the barn