burning the midnite oil




what Butchers love best - cutting large holes

marking the position of the radiator mounting points on a terribly rusty frame

fitting the GTI radiator

future air entry

folded steel channel to guide air to the radiator

round rod restyling at its best - yes it's another one of these laundry racks from the trash

and boy, it's all done in real steel too

'course, with plenty of bondo to go over it

cardboard test fitting the in-trunk-air-channel - material needs yet to be decided

jus' waitin' to get out but about a thousand details away from it

nosebleed stance giving me some room to crawl under it and lay the lines

S-bend rad hoses from some modern Vee Dub product curve nicely over A-arms

coolant hoses from front to rear hanging from the floor and sills rollover

water line fitting has got all the right diameters - this is at lowest point

slightly wobbly VW expansion tank with vent hose left and fill-in hose down right

yes, it's the good ol' vacuum cleaner pipe again - just love that chrome

riveted ally air deflector finishes off the front radiator installation

front inlet all ready and set to breathe in that fast road air rollover

and the nostrils in the lid to make the hot air blow away over the top


well, first test showed that standing still the temp doesn't exceed 85° even in 30° summer weather,

the fan simply didn't need to come on

then, after refilling the system there was totally ineffective cooling, overheating engine and constantly running fan

maybe one of these ominous trapped air problems?


yep, tha' wuzzit, running smooth now (caught on film here)