take a rollover ride along with us



because it's perfect time for a Butchers road trip down south to Austria

straight outta slightly prolonged hibernation Alf's Merc is ready to ride

stopping and stretching somewhere along the road

finally we're there - cool people, hot food, a lovely spot for a car meet

crazy colors on this Falcon Tikki-wagon with an inline six and three on a tree

smooth curves on this lovely low mild custom Ford make my heart go soft

all original faded green paint makes this 55 Chevy an outstanding ride

classy unbeatable color combo on this mid-century Buick

a bit of trivia here - acorns and stylized stirrup for an invented Olds crest

as night sets in and beer levels rise it's high time to put up camp

some night shots before I grab that slap bass and practise a bit

how I felt... and what I looked like

many things lying around in the high grass next morning

after a stop at the lake to cool off, it's time to take on the journey back home