starting out by putting this

coupled to a 350/350 Chevy into this

to create something similar to this

stay tuned for another helluva kustom project by the Butchers


the plan is to weld the front subframe of a '73 Buick Regal (rotting in the barn) into the front end of a '76 Transit van (rotting in the barn, next to the Buick), while a Jaguar IRS (the sexiest rear end ever) with limited slip diff and 2,88 gears (just delivered to the barn) is going to go into the back, connected directly to the most potent V-8 I can get my hands on (or rather, cough up enough dough for), mounted mid-ship to an auto trans, add one racing bucket seat on each corner and a stovepipe-size twin-pipe system blasting hot carbondioxides right into the faces of politically correct traffic (terribly childish, I know.... but I can't help)


and here it is in scale version




gee whizz, this might be stylish and old-school

but way too much fumblin' and fabbin'

so here's

go click it



some inspiration

like this chopped van from the eighties

with the wickedest mid-engine rear suspension setup I've ever seen


or this dragster bus on for 2000 pounds less engine and trans

mid-engine V 8 coupled to Jag IRS (but unfortunately there was no picture of it)

or the famed Bug Box mid-engine bus with an S-10 rear and Corvair front suspension

which isn't quite as stuffed as this splitty


or dig the crazy Commer V-8