take a rollover picture ride thru the city that never sleeps

down there a butcher met Elvis

the scene at Vegas

long distance travellers checkin out the scene

layin low seems a necessity

so airride's everywhere

riding high and layin low

rock'n'roll meets low riders

shoeboxes of every make

rock'n'roll rat rods, rock'n'roll wild chicks

you can wank on this roof without tip-toeing

favourite Cads

more o'these hot rod babes

alright, this'd be mine

shiny rich and rotten lo'

take a shit on this

sweet and low and a set of carbs to go

some of the details

looks a bit broken to me, but apparently nicely done

nice cars, nice gals

nice gals, nice cars

forties' tail draggers and fifties' full customs

some are rusted

and some are nice'n'shiny

I'm gonna save some dough, cuz I really wanna go