Reupholstering Miss Vicky's seats

Ripping off the old covers and installing new JCWhitney bought replacements

the Turkey-made rolls-and-pleats seat covers had badly deteriorated since their installation in 1987

sunlight exposure made the material so brittle, it was all cracked and torn at the tops

to get the covers off I began by levering out thousands of hog rings

to reveal what I thought was the original seats done in metallic turquoise and off white

then I test fit the brandnew JCWhitney seat covers, only to find out they were too wide


so I talked my mom into pulling out her old sewing machine and give narrowing the covers a try... it worked

when I pulled the old front covers...

I found out the seats had been redone before in Turkey in 1976 because they used newspaper under the covers

and only then came the supposedly original upholstery

after ripping off the old covers, it was time to start reupholstering

one last picture of 'peeling the onion' using vintage tools ;-) rollover

then it's time for a good dose of spray glue

to attach the extra padding

use of plastic bags makes an easy job of slipping on the covers rollover

originally sewn together, I used hog rings to close up the bottom

to attach the seat covers you simply start at the front center by correctly positioning the welting

and then stretch the material around the back rollover

hog ring your way to the sides stretching the material as you go


warm covers will go on a lot easier than stiff cold stuff and even a hair dryer works nicely

seat frame's still a bit shabby but the covers look absolutely nice


the little gap is for the tilting back rest arm to go through

back seat's done

front seat's still awaiting reinstallation

just have a look at now and before and you'll agree, a world of a difference rollover


all in all, a fun job with a rewarding result